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Friday, October 29, 2010


Today is one of my favorite days. Grandma didn't even have to drag me out of bed for school this morning. I couldn't wait to get up. It was orange, black and white day at school. We didn't have to wear our uniforms even! I put on this cool black sweater dress. I tied my Brownies scarf around my neck: it's white with orange maple leaves. I wore my black tights with a hole in them and every time I bent my knee, a kind of ladder climbed higher and higher up my leg. I looked Goth but very cool! 

Then Grandma told me Aunt Stacey and Uncle Tom had carved a pumpkin last night. I was a bit grumbly with them for that. I wanted to carve the pumpkin with  them! But when I saw it, I stopped being mad. It was SO good. That's it at the top of this blog. It's "Avatar"! How cool is that? 

Grandma made me promise not to eat too much candy at school today. She gave me soup in a thermos and  some crackers and said I have to eat them first. She's afraid I'll be all 'sugared up" tonight 'cause I'm going to a Hallowe'en party and dance at our local rec center tonight. Because I'm now a real Brownie, I'm supposed to keep my promises. But it's kinda hard to promise not to eat too much candy at Hallowe'en. 

I asked her what she's giving me for Hallowe'en. She said "How's an apple and a toothbrush?" Gees Grandma, you're no fun at all!