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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I had a great sleep last night. I even smiled at grandma when she woke me up for school.  I smiled even more when Grandma made me blueberry waffles for breakfast. She says it's junk food but I like it. So why is it junk?

Anyway, Grandma was so happy to see me smiling she kept saying what a different girl I was when I've had a good sleep. I thought about that for a minute. Then I asked her: 

"Grandma, do  you know the difference between a strawberry and a pickle?"

 "Well I certainly hope I do Maddy. Why?"
"Well ... when I've had a good sleep, I'm sweet like a strawberry. And when I haven't, I'm sour like a pickle! You're a strawberry this morning too Grandma." 

Grandma thought that was really funny, but she said it was smart too. Sometimes I just amaze her. Actually, I'm quite amazing. Get this: the other day, when she woke me up, I told her I'd been  on "Pee Watch" all night. 

"Pee Watch?" she said. "What's that?"

"Well, last night, mommy told me to brush my teeth and go straight to bed. So, for a change, I did EXACTLY what mommy asked. I brushed my teeth and went straight to bed. I didn't even have a pee before bed!"

"Oh dear!" said Grandma. "Maybe this one time you shouldn't have listened to mommy quite that closely!" (Adults! Always changing their minds. They tell you what to do and when you do it, they say you maybe shouldn't have.)

Grandma started pulling back my blankets and touching the mattress. "You didn't wet the bed did you Maddy?"

"Grandma!" I shouted calmly. "I just told you I was on PEE WATCH all night! Don't you get it?! I kept making sure I DIDN'T wet the bed! I told mommy about "pee watch" too and she didn't get it either. You two need to learn KIDSPEAK!"

Adults sure can be slow sometimes, can't they.