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Monday, July 19, 2010


Gosh it's good to be on summer holidays! The first week, Grandma had me in the "WOW" camp at a big kid's college down the road. It was way cool! We did crafts and played games. We even had a talent show called "Camper's Got Talent". I've got talent in singing says my grandma. So I sang Lady Gaga. The kids liked it. I think I was pretty good too. 

But last week was even better! Mommy and I went camping! Mommy's friend and her son went with us. We stayed in a trailer in the woods. We had lots of company: mosquitoes, horse flies, black flies! I got bitten all over! 

And there were snapping turtles in the lake but I didn't get snapped once! Mommy made sure I stayed away from them. 

We did things I've never done before, like roasting marshmallows over the fire. That was SO neat! 

I had a bit of trouble with going to the bathroom. Mommy said we couldn't just "go bush" as it might bring the bears. So each day we went into town and used the public toilets. But the problem for me with that is that I didn't always want to do a job when we were in town. But as soon as I got back, I needed to go. Mommy got mad at me for that but I couldn't help it. I told mommy my body doesn't work on demand! Does yours?

Here's another thing that was different: we slept on beds that turned into tables when we were up. It was weird: sleeping in them one minute and eating off them later. I'm not allowed to eat in my bed but this was kinda like eating in bed, but not really. 

Mommy took me down to the dock. I was backing up and suddenly ... splash .. I fell into the water! Good thing I can swim but it wasn't deep anyway. After that, we went and jumped off the dock lots of times. Mommy jumped too. I think she had even more fun that I did doing that! 

Mommy loved it up there so much she didn't want to come home. She told Grandma she wants to go back. She'll even put up with the bugs. She's promised to take me up there again. I'm going to make sure she does. 

Grandma always says the best things don't have to cost a lot of money. My grandma's right. This was the best. I can't wait till we do it again!