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Friday, April 30, 2010


Sometimes I get so confused when adults say things. Like this morning: grandma woke me up for school. I was still half asleep when she said something about me being "in poo". I frowned. What did she mean I was "in poo". I hadn't pooed in my sleep! The only poo that I could think of was when I stepped in dog poo a couple of days ago. Was she talking about that?

"No no ... nothing like that!" said Grandma. She was talking about yesterday when I got into trouble with mommy. Well why didn't she just say I was "in trouble" instead of saying I was "in poo!" Sheesh!

Then there's Poppy. When the whole family came over for a barbeque last week, I piled my plate sky-high. Mommy had made delicious planked salmon ... one of my favourites. And she made these big yummy stuffed portobello mushrooms. And there was steak too.

Well I tried to eat it all but couldn't. That's when Poppy said to me "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach Maddy!" I looked at him disgusted-like. Anyone knows my eyes aren't bigger than my stomach!! I lifted my t-shirt and said "Look Poppy! My stomach's THIS BIG!" He smiled. Then I put my face right close to his and said: "Now look at my eyes ... ! See how much smaller they are than my stomach?" Silly Poppy. I think he needs glasses as well as a hearing aid!

And even Auntie Stacey and Uncle Tom are confusing. You'd think since they're not as old as Grandma and Poppy they'd talk more like kids do. But oh no! When I tried to wear a new pair of pants that were too big for my skinny waist, Uncle Tom said "Maddy needs braces for those".  I just looked at him like "Come on Uncle Tom! Get with it. The only place I need braces is on my teeth ... SEE!!