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Friday, January 15, 2010


This morning at breakfast, grandma showed me pictures of the earthquake in Haiti.  I felt so sad! There was a little girl with blood and bandages on her.  The little boy in the photo here is okay:

But grandma says a school collapsed and at least 75 children might have died. That makes me cry.  I'm so warm and happy in my classroom at school. I can eat lunch. I can go out to play at recess even though it's cold and we have snow everywhere.  Grandma found this photo of a church and school in Haiti now:

I can't believe there might be children under there.

When I was eating breakfast yesterday, I left my crusts on my plate. Grandma looked cranky. She said "Why aren't you eating your crusts?" I said "I don't know. They're too hard?" Grandma said "There are children in Haiti with nothing to eat Madison! If they saw your crusts, they'd be fighting to get them like sea-gulls on a beach!" Now that made me feel really bad.

Did you see how she called me "MADISON" that time?


Hi! This is Maddy.  That's short for Madison. Madison is a boy's name but I'm a girl. It's also a last name, like Taylor. So I'm like Taylor Swift ... my name is a last name and a boy's name. Isn't that cool? There's only one problem: I'm not famous like Taylor Swift!

Grandma says Maddy is a good name for me even if it is a boy's name because sometimes I just drive her mad. Well the way I see it, her name should be Maddy, don't you think? She's the one getting maddy!

Usually, when mommy or grandma or my teacher calls me Maddy, I know things are good. But when they call me "MADISON" it's time to run and hide. I just know I'm in trouble! 

(we made this photo using "BeFunky" Isn't it cool!)

Well anyway, welcome to my Blog. I started a blog because my grandma's always blogging. It looked like fun. I asked grandma how to do it. She said I just have to write what I think. She said "just tell it like it is". I said  ""But I'm only 7. I can't write very well yet. Can you help me write it?" Grandma said "Okay, let's write it together. You tell me what's on your mind and I'll write it for you." 

So that's what this blog is all about: Me, Maddy, the Little Blogger. And guess what? Grandma surprised me at Christmas. She did up a whole book called THE LITTLE BLOGGER for me and the family. It comes with drawings and you can color it in. If you want to know more about me, just click on the book title above. 

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you'll visit often and leave me some comments too. Bye now! Gotta run!