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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Well I'm back at school now.  Grandma says I've really changed. She doesn't get it. She says I'm not giving her "atttitude". She was so happy with me today she bought me some carrot cake when we were leaving the library. That was weird for grandma as she doesn't like me eating anything with sugar in it. I think she's the one who's changed!

But I think I've changed too.  I think it's because I'm a big Grade 3-er now. I'm supposed to be more "mature" right? I even run better: we had gym day on Monday and I ran so fast I was faster than all the boys. Grandma said I should keep that up. She says it's good to be able to outrun the boys, especially when I'm older. She says they'll be chasing me. I told her I'd be so hot then. She burst out laughing. I think "hot" meant something to her that I didn't mean but I think I get it. See, I must be getting more mature. 

Today at the library, I read to Grandma. She was shocked. She said even my reading has improved. She must have told me 3 times how different I am now. The story was really funny. This boy goes to buy his granddad a present. But everything he buys for his grand-dad, he wants for himself, like a candy-apple. Grandma kept laughing. She said the boy was just like me when I tell her to buy something for herself that I like. I got that! See, I am more mature. 

Just before we left the library, Grandma needed to go to the toilet. So did I. I told Grandma my pee smelled like mushrooms. She burst out laughing again. I'm glad I can make grandma laugh. So she asked me if I'd been eating mushrooms. I told her no. I'd eaten chicken last night. So she asked me if my pee ever smells like other things. I told her it sometimes smells like chicken. She asked what makes it smell like chicken? I told her it smells like chicken when I eat hamburger. 

My best friend at school's mother is also on Facebook. She posted a note tonight saying my best friend has a rash on her chest. She wondered if it could be chicken pox. My best friend's little sister said it couldn't be because she'd seen the chicken! Grandma said she wished I'd said that because that's the kind of thing the little blogger says. 

I have to ask her if her pee smells like mushrooms. If it does, I may be in trouble. I'm itchy just thinking about it! 

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