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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


So here's me and grandma out for a little walk the other night. We wanted to check out the new "Once upon a Child" shop that opened where Dollarama closed down.   Grandma said they have books, games and lots of clothes that were, well, once upon a child. But when we got there, they had just closed.  I was cranky about that. All the other shops, like Zellers, didn't close for another hour!

But grandma said "Never mind. I'll take you another time. Let's walk to the bank machine. I need some money anyway". 

Well that was fine with me: if grandma gets out money, maybe she'll buy me something. Good plan, grandma!

So we're walking along. I'm thinking about what Grandma could buy me and she's yapping on about how mummy can sell my old clothes to "Once upon a child". Suddenly grandma stops and looks at me. 

"Are you listening to me Maddy? I asked you a question" she says. 

"Oh sorry Grandma. What did you ask?"

"Well if you were listening, you'd know!" said Grandma. She was grumpy. I tried to explain: 

"Grandma, I  WAS listening but my ears weren't paying attention!" 

Grandma burst out laughing. I laughed too but I didn't know what was funny. She said: "Wow Maddy! What an incredible statement you just made!" 

"I did? What grandma? What? What did I say?" I couldn't remember already. She said: 

"Maddy, that's brilliant: 'you were listening but your ears weren't paying attention.' Boy I think of myself as a writer but I've never come up with something as clever as that!" 

Well I was happy I'd made her happy. Maybe now she'd buy me an ice-cream or something. But before I could ask, Grandma started to go on and on about how that statement applied to Poppy who's deaf but won't admit it. Or maybe he's listening but his ears aren't paying attention. Or maybe he's not listening but his ears are paying attention. 

She said something about that's a good line for politicians etc etc and I tried to listen this time but my ears were getting really tired of paying attention. So this time I stopped. Grandma said "What?"

I said "Grandma, could you please stop talking so much. I want to ask you something ... "

"Oh, okay. What?"

"Since you think I was so brilliant and incredible and all those things, could you please buy me something with that money you're getting out?"

Grandma looked at me and smiled. "I'm not sure I heard that Maddy. I was listening but when it comes to  spending money, my ears don't pay attention!"

Hmmm. Looks like what I said applies to Poppy, politicians AND grandmas!

Oh, she bought me that ice-cream.


  1. Good for you for scoring that ice cream! What ever works to keep those treats coming, keep it up! And you are brilliant, I plan to use that line myself next time someone starts talking about something that I'm not interested in. Maybe I can get an ice cream treat too!!

  2. Thanks MNM. That's almost like M&M's. I like them too!

  3. Sweet! Love the layout of your Blog...creative!

  4. Thanks so much! Hope you become a follower. Any grandchildren who'd like to follow this?

  5. Oh ... I see you're already a follower. Yay!