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Monday, June 21, 2010


Today I told Grandma about Mrs. God. I was surprised she'd never heard of her. 

She said "Who's she?" I looked at her funny. I thought Grandma knew everything!

"Well she's God's wife, silly Grandma!" 

"Oh ... of course... " said Grandma. "But how come I haven't heard of her before now Maddy?"

"Well she's just not as popular as God" I told her. 

"Then how do you know she's there at all?" asked Grandma. 

I looked at her funny again.  "What's wrong with you Grandma?" I said. She was making me frustrated! I sighed and explained: 

"There has to be a Mrs. God, Grandma. or where did we all come from for heaven's sake! God and Mrs. God had to have children, right?"

Now Grandma looked at me funny, like she didn't know what to say. So she changed the subject a bit. She asked me this:

"How come if God's wife is Mrs. God that we don't call God "Mr. God"?

I thought for a moment and told her "Well, God's just ... God."

"Hmmm... " said Grandma. "Then why don't we just call Uncle Tom 'BILLINGS' instead of Mr. Billings?"

"Well that kinda sounds funny Grandma. Like you can't just say BILLINGS!"

"Why not? asked Grandma. 

She was making me frustrated again. I didn't want to tell her I didn't really know why God was just God and Mrs. God was Mrs. God. After all, I'm only 7 1/2. She's 64 and it looks like she doesn't know the answer either or she wouldn't be asking me, right?!

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