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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It was Mommy's 30th birthday last week so we took her out for dinner. She kept saying she's staying 29. I didn't get that. I'm 7 and want to be 8 or 9 or 13. So why does mommy want to stay 29? 

Grandma got her a really funny card from all of us. You open it up and it plays a song. It talked about finding wrinkles and gray hair. I don't see any gray hairs on mommy yet! It also said something about being in bed at 10 instead of dawn and chasing kids off the lawn. I don't want mom to chase my friends off the lawn. Then the last line was something about drinking wine and thinking you're still 29. I guess that's where mom got the idea of staying 29?

So anyway, we took mom out for a buffet dinner. I couldn't remember the name of the place we were going. I kept asking grandma all afternoon when we were going to the lemon. She just looked confused and didn't answer me. I figured she's going deaf like Poppy. But finally we drove up and parked. I said "Where's the Lemon?" Suddenly everyone starting laughing at me. Aunt Stacy said "You mean THE MANDARIN!" Well all I remembered was the restaurant was named after a fruit! Why do  people name restaurants after fruits!

I ate so much I nearly burst! I kept going up and getting more. There was sushi ... I took 8 pieces. And pizza. And chicken. And garlic bread. Everyone kept looking at me and saying things like "where is she putting it?" or "wonder when she's going to puke?" I told them I was doing just fine. 

Then I hit the dessert table. Mommy said I could only have one thing. So I took ice-cream. When I got back I showed mommy I'd only got one thing, just like she said. But I had 4 flavours. Everyone rolled their eyes and watched me eat it. I got it down fine but my tummy was starting to hurt. 

Then the people who serve up came to mommy and sang "Happy Birthday". She looked so embarrassed. I don't know why. I like it when everyone sings "Happy Birthday" to me. 

So they also gave mommy a little plate. It had a tiny square of carrot cake with one candle. Guess they couldn't fit 30 candles on it. It also had 2 pieces of jello on it. One was green; the other was red. Mommy didn't want any of it. 

So Poppy took the carrot cake and put it in his mouth in one go. Grandma took the green jello and put it in her mouth in one go. No-one wanted the red jello. It was the biggest piece. I said "I'll have it!" and before anyone could say "NO!" I popped it in my mouth in one go. 

Suddenly, I couldn't move my mouth. My tongue wouldn't move around the jello. My teeth couldn't bite it. The jello was just stuck there. It wouldn't go down and they all told me not to spit it up.  I felt hot. I couldn't swallow. I wanted to puke. Uncle Tom held a plate under my chin. Everyone was silent. They were all watching me. I moved my mouth a bit; I nearly gagged. I tried to swallow again. It didn't want to down. I could feel myself gagging but no way was I going to puke. Suddenly I swallowed hard and down it went. Phew! 

Everyone started laughing but they were still watching to see if I'd chuck. No way. Not me! I showed them, didn't I? But just between you and me, I sure wanted to puke. I never knew it could be that hard to eat jello. Did you?


  1. Cute story and a birthday to remember. I think the same thing about my daughter, she eats more than I do some days!

  2. Thanks Deb. Now if I can just get my act in gear and record all the other funny things this little gal does and says every day! REally welcome your comments and hope I start getting some more moms and grandmas over to add their stories!